'because I took your pulse.'

'This just… sort of… happened.'
Oh wellll, I have much more important things to do but… Sherlock happened :’D
Hope you like this little ruffle-gif-art-thingie!
  • brother: hey what do girls like to hear?
  • me: fuck knows.
  • brother: … you’re a girl.
  • me: 
  • brother: 
  • me: … okay let me ask a friend.
  • me: Alex, what do we like to hear?
  • Alex: ‘here tis, a new season of sherlock’ is what we like to hear.
  • me: this. this is why we’re friends.

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my mom knew my dad liked her because when she first met him she told him she hated his mustache and the next day he had shaved it off and if that’s not true love I don’t know what is


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I imagine that Anna’s probably never had to cook for herself, and wouldn’t it be sweet if Kristoff cooked for her? Don’t ask me where this is, ‘cause for sure he never lived in a place that nice, but it’s definitely no palace. Maybe after they marry, they build a little home in the woods. A nice little place with a Dutch door that looks into a stable, so Sven can poke his head in and share some supper.
This is the first proper background I’ve drawn in… three years. And I can probably count all my proper backgrounds on one hand. Hooray!